Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Eng Kee Restaurant

Address of Eng Kee Restarant:
An ideal place for local Chinese food in Melaka. 
The food is nice with affordable price. 
This is a family-run business for almost 30 years.

Beside the name Eng Kee Restaurant,
there is another nickname for this shop, which is "Under the Bridge".

Why a restaurant will have such a nickname?
It might need to link back to the history of this shop.

Initially, Eng Kee Restaurant was not located at Semabok,
whereby, it is located at Bunga Raya "London Bridge".
For making ease of all the customers to remember this shop,
people began to call this shop as  "Under the Bridge".

Due to some of the location issues,
Eng Kee Restaurant have been shifted to many places,
from Bunga Raya moved to Lorong Panjang Long Xiang Coffee Shop,
from Lorong Panjang Long Xiang Coffee Shop moved to Ujong Pasir,
from Ujong Pasir moved to Semabok which is the current and permanent shop location.
That is why Eng Kee Restaurant is so famous,
simply because they are having all the fixed customers from every parts of Melaka.

Eng Kee Restaurant

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  1. Good place to have a meal. Just shifted to this area and found the food was good and price is reasonable. Kudos.