About Eng Kee Restaurant

Eng Kee Restaurant, is a local chinese food restaurant which have been operated nearly 30 years...
Since the year of 1981, it was located at Bunga Raya "London Bridge", opposite Public bank which currently is Discovery Cafe. For almost 20 years, Eng Kee food shop running the business at there

After year of 1991, Eng Kee Restaurant forced to move to Lorong Panjang Long Xiang Coffee Shop due to some unexpected reason and operated the business for about 2 years long. After that, Eng Kee Restaurant moved to Ujong Pasir which located opposite Petronas for 4 years.

At last, Eng Kee Restaurant shifted to Semabok as the permanent shop location and it already operated at here for about 7 years since 2004.

Therefore, the new and only location is at:
( Just right beside the Ujong Pasir Post Office)

The Boss / chef : Mr. Gan Yam
The Lady Boss / 2nd Chef : Teh Soon Lee
Kitchen Helper : Gan Jin Hao